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Essbee Scouting / Management

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Management info
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- Danielle Smith (now placed)
- May Lindstrom

Essbee no longer "manages" models, we merely only aim to discover, place and guide those discoveries.

Essbee Management has been formed to assist
only a rare and select number of models reach
their full and absolute potential in as timely and
direct a manner as possible.

With 20+ years of first hand knowledge inside the industry,
Essbee knows and more importantly has an ongoing relationship
and direct access to the top fashion agents and bookers
from the most powerful and influential modeling agencies in the world.
................. De Boekers (Amsterdam) • Robert Black (Arizona) • Action (Athens) • Agence Unique (Athens) • Models One (Athens) • Pro Models (Athens) • 62 (Aukland) • Clyne (Aukland) • Nova (Aukland) • Group (Barcelona) • La Agencia (Barcelona) • Traffic (Barcelona) • Dominique (Brussels) • Elite (Brussels) • Ford (Brazil) • Elmer Olsen (Canada) • Clipse (Dallas) • Kim Dawson (Dallas) • Body+Soul (Hamburg) • Elite (Hamburg) • LM (Hamburg) • Mega (Hamburg) • Model Team (Hamburg) •ProMod (Hamburg) • Talents (Hamburg) • CIA (Hawaii) • Kathy Muller (Hawaii) • Image (Japan) • Visage (Japan) • Bleu (L.A.) • ChampagneTrott (L.A.) • Click (L.A.) • Elite (L.A.) • Ford (L.A.) • It Models (L.A.) • LA Models (L.A.) • M Models (L.A.) • Next (L.A.) • Nous (L.A.) • Q (L.A.) • Warning (L.A.) • Wilhelmina (L.A.) • Major (London) • Models 1 (London) • Select (London) • Storm (London) • Take 2 (London) • Beatrice (Milan) • D'Management (Milan) • Elite (Milan) • EyeForI (Milan) • Fashion (Milan) • Flash (Milan) • Joy (Milan) • Major (Milan) • RiccardoGay (Milan) • WhyNot (Milan) • Elite (Miami) • Ford (Miami) • Irene Marie (Miami) • Karins (Miami) • Mega (Miami) • Michele Pommier (Miami) • Next (Miami) • Wilhelmina (Miami) • Louisa (Munich) • Munich Models (Munich) • Nova (Munich) • Talents (Munich) • Aline Souliers (NY) • American (NY) • Elite (NY) • ID (NY) • IMG (NY) • Karins (NY) • Madison (NY) • Major (NY) • Marilyn (NY) • Next (NY) • Wilhelmina (NY) • Women (NY) • City (Paris) • Ford (Paris) • Idole (Paris) • Madison (Paris) • Marilyn (Paris) • Viva (Paris) • Zoom (Paris) • City (San Francisco) • Look (San Francisco) • Stars (San Francisco) • Cameron's (Sydney) • Chadwick's (Sydney) • Chic (Sydney) • Oxygen (Sydney) • Priscilla's (Sydney) • Vivien's (Sydney)...............

As well as direct connections to the fashion agents,
Essbee also goes beyond the obvious first step
of model agent.

We also rely on relationships with
- working photographers
- creative reps
- magazines and fashion editors
- and stylists

This extra effort as well gets clients known through
the "back doors" of the industry!

Contacts, direct access, and the ability to reach key persons right away
is what may well set Essbee apart from many others.

Rather than taking many years in smaller markets to develop a model,
Essbee believes in the direct approach to get a great ('new') unknown girl
into the game as fast as possible.

It is not as if new models are not found every year in each of
Milan, Paris, or New York...
so the justification of "not being ready" for these markets
seems to be a concept that we are just not willing to grasp or believe!!!

Such a rapid and powerful push does come at considerable cost in terms of
stress and strain, and this approach is ABSOLUTELY NOT right for everyone,
but the rare few that are advised by Essbee Management,
are up to the task at hand.

Models either discovered, scouted, or placed by Essbee
are now or have been represented by the biggest agencies all over the world,
ChampagneTrott • Chic • City • Clip • Elite • Eye For I • Ford • IMG • Irene Marie • Karin • l'Agence • Madison • Marilyn Gaultier • Michele Pommier • Metropolitan • Next • Nova • Riccardo Gay • Storm • Why Not • Wilhelmina • Women • Zoom • and many more...........

As well many other established models that were either
between agencies, unhappy and unrepresented
-have been advised and placed as well.

Essbee Management has the connections to assist those we manage
to reach the goals that they wish to achieve.

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